Ideas to Tangible Productivity

This website has been a culmination of years of wanting to do something and now finally having the resources to do it. My photography as I know it and as you see it is a direct result of the choices I've made to thru hike the Appalachian Trail around this time last spring.  I have always had a lasting interest in photography, but other commitments or hobbies always seemed to stand in the way. When my decision to thru hike finally began to position itself for reality, I knew that I had to purchase my first real camera. I picked up a Sony a6000, and two weeks later, hopped on trail with very little experience or knowledge regarding the piece of equipment I had brought with me.

I had taken a couple of photography courses in high school, so I knew the way each setting would affect the photo, how to control the manual functions, and basic composition, but I had never actually owned a real camera. I sat there and mulled over the manual. Reading as much as I could before throwing all logic away and setting the manual aside forever, I grabbed the camera and started to mess with it. I shot a few photos, some good, mostly bad, and haven't looked back since. That was over a year ago, and all of a sudden, something that I had never followed through with before is now something that I focus almost all of my free time on. 

On trail, it started out as something that I thought I could use to portray this idea that I had in my head. Nothing even in particular, but it immediately became apparent that there was more to photography, and more to the trail than I had realized. I quickly moved my focus to attempting to find beauty in plain sight. Trying to lure the eye to a certain point in the image that made the viewer feel as if they were there. Trying to give the viewer a visual representation of something that is seen by all, but noticed by few. 

Fast forward a year from when I first picked up my camera, I am now as eager as ever to continue progressing as a photographer. I'm participating in the never ending search for perspective on a daily basis, and the need to push boundaries has never been clearer.

I'm getting ready to leave on another thru hike, well two, to be exact. Starting in early June, I'll be heading out to San Fransisco with my buddy Aaron "Wankles" Ibey to thru hike the John Muir Trail. Immediately following completion of the JMT, I'll be heading southbound on the Continental Divide Trail. As the time approaches, I'm looking to set up as many portrait shoots as possible. Anything from seniors, to engagements, to baby photos, to weddings. Everything and anything. I'm currently living in Columbus, OH, and am open to traveling.